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  • TCK Practice Outfitting

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    If you are looking to:

    – Serve Third Culture Kids and globally mobile families
    – Start a practice quickly and easily
    – Work with colleagues passionate about TCK care

    Let's do this together.

    Do you want start, expand or specialize your practice with TCKs with the support of an intrepid team of colleagues passionate about remote care? Has retirement, or not finding the right employer or not being able to move to a certain country blocked you from working with TCKs? Do you want to choose how much you work, set your own fees and work from anywhere? Let Intrepid Counseling be your Practice Outfitter. From day one you’ll start equipped with a road-tested set of all the right tools to serve the needs of your TCK clients.

    You won’t be alone, even if you’re the only provider for your community, or the only clinician around.

    Services for TCK-Care Clinicians

    Exploring TCK Counseling

    Lets chat about what its like and how Outfitting through Intrepid Counseling can help get you started or add TCK counseling to your practice.

    Ready to Start

    Outfitting walks you through the steps to start your business and give you all the road-tested telehealth gear you need to start seeing clients.

    Established Practices

    Need a one-time consultation, a second “door” to your existing practice, or TCK therapy focused consultation group? Outfitting can help.

    Mission Statement

    Equipping TCK clinicians.

    TCK clinicians need both colleagues who get it and a tool-set that can handle our unique needs. With Practice Outfitting you’ll have follow TCK clinicians to call on for consultation, to debrief and share resources with. Crucially, from day one you’ll have a HIPAA-happy suite of all the tech you need to get to work serving your clients.

    You really could build a boat from scratch, for years, as a passion project. My dad even makes his own paddles from 2x4s. But do really you want to? If you’re more like the kind of person who buys a paddle, you could set sail in this HIPPA-ship today.

    Who is this for?

    Counselors, Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, MFTs – if you want to focus your practice on TCKs, this group is for you. 
    If you’ve dreamed of serving TCKs, maybe you’re ready to leave an agency/organization job and just do it. Maybe its not the right time, or not right for your family to move overseas to work in a expat focused clinic, but your heart is still to serve these kids. Maybe you need the flexibility to work part time, and travel, or maybe you’re adding clinical care to your existing role in an organization. Whatever your situation, if TCK clinical care is your thing, Intrepid Counseling is here to help.

    How does this work?

    Intrepid counseling’s model is neither employment or contract work. Instead, instead of having someone else decide how much you get paid, in our Practice Outfitting program, you pay a set subscription fee and all the money you make goes directly to you. You’re in charge of your hours, your fees, your mobility and clinical focus. TCK clinicians, with as mobile and complicated as our lives are, we need this flexibility.

    What is this worth?

    What is it worth to skip the startup research and start seeing clients months or years sooner? To have peace of mind that your HIPPA-ship will float, that your tool-set is compete, that you’ve got someone with you who knows the way?

    That’s up to you, but Practice Outfitting can get you there for $175/month.

    What is Practice Outfitting?

    Owning your own practice without having to build it from scratch.

    Skip reinventing the wheel and get right to seeing clients. Practice Outfitting is a subscription to a complete TCK Telehealth clinical system (EHR, website space, business phone line, secure email, etc.) with built-in colleague support, so you can work independently, without being alone.

    Read more about TCK Practice Outfitting.

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