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  • About Intrepid Counseling

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    Intrepid Counseling brings qualified, culturally appropriate, professional care to young people who either have no access to mental health care at all where they live, or want to work with someone who understands life as a TCK.

    TCKs have often struggled to get access to quality mental health care. Even though for quite some time, there has been a growing list of organizations specializing in the support of third culture kids, few offer specialist professional counseling. There are many reasons for this. Before Covid-19, many mental health providers were reluctant to offer services online, and the complexities of working internationally were daunting. Still other providers felt unequipped to develop the network necessary to manage potential crises from afar. Other counselors were willing to work online with adults, but not children and teenagers. Still other therapists were bound by U.S. state laws (which are now less common) that required them to meet with someone in-person before seeing them online. Finally, not every provider has the life experience to work effectively with someone who is growing up/grew up as a TCK. All of these challenges resulted in a shortage of mental health professionals willing and able to work with young people abroad.

    Intrepid counseling exists to close this gap and make mental health care available to TCKs in remote areas around the world. We carefully vet new practice areas to avoid violating the laws of the local jurisdiction, whether in the U.S. or abroad. Intrepid Counseling also works hard to maintain a referral network of other TCK providers. If we cannot meet with you where you are, we will try to help you find someone who can.