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  • Service Fees

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    I understand the third culture experience and know trauma is all too often a part of the experience of those who grow up abroad. And transitions are hard even when expected. You don’t have to just be okay or do it on your own.

    Individual and family counseling sessions take place online using secure video conference program, Zoom.

    In-person sessions may be possible for those living in or visiting Macon, Georgia (U.S.A).

    Session Fee: $110


    When working with a child, I will also be available to their parents as a coach. For a young child, my interaction may be mainly with the parents. I help parents feel confident that they are being effective in helping their child grow and heal, both during and after the counseling process.


    Before starting counseling or when deciding how or where you will seek care, we will assess your needs. We will take a thorough look at your background, the problems and symptoms you are facing, and I will offer a diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

    Assessment fee: $200


    As needed, I will communicate with your doctor and any other relevant care providers to make sure we can care for your health holistically.

    This service is free except for official letters.

    Official letters: $50


    Sometimes professional help in the form of therapy or counseling is not necessary. If after a mental health assessment, we determine that this is the case for you, I will offer you a single-session resource sharing meeting. The goal of this session will be to equip you and your family with a self-care plan including what to watch for as signs of trouble, or what will show that healing is progressing.

    One time resource session $110.


    I am available to consult with care providers such as doctors, teachers and administrators who are deciding how to proceed when a child in their school or community has experienced a trauma such as abuse, an accident or exposure to violence. My input will relate to the likely mental health needs of the child.


    Read about your right to a Good Faith Estimate.