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    TCK Care

    Identity and Transitions

    You know you’re a TCK when someone asks you “Where are you from?” and you think, “How long do you have?’ “Do I even know the answer?” What will my answer make you assume about me?”

    I’ve been there and I can help you settle into your very own long and short versions answers to this and other identity questions. You’re story is unique, but you’re not alone. Millions of us TCKs share this experience. So let’s talk it through together.

    Saying goodbye is hard and just because it’s not the first time doesn’t make it easier. I can support you as you prepare for a transition or as you’re adjusting to a new normal. Let’s me come along side you in this time.


    I offer online mental health care for cross-culture kids. If you live in a remote area, you might be far from the nearest mental health clinic. Even if you can get there, they might not speak your language. Online counseling for missionary kids and third culture kids means help can begin right away, right where you are. Let’s get started together.

    Counseling after Sexual Assault and Trauma

    You don’t want to talk about it, but you know you need to. Memories and panicky feelings come up at the worst times. I’ll help you get in charge of those memories and sensations so that you can remember and talk about what happened when you want to and not when you don’t.

    Sometimes you may need to leave home to get specialized care. But, with early intervention, we may be able to prevent that. Let’s start your care now, where you are.

    Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

    Are you feeling stuck in your thoughts, or feeling anxious about everyday things? Maybe you’re feeling down or worried and are not totally sure why, or what to do about it. I can help you get to the bottom of what you’re feeling and make sense out of how you’re reacting. You’ll learn how to ground yourself in what is really true about you and your situation so that you can choose how you really want to go forward. Let’s sort it out together.

    Family Counseling and Parent Support

    Parents and caregivers, supporting you is central to how I work with children and teens. I routinely include family members in counseling sessions and I also offer parent-only sessions to answer your questions, offer resources and make sure you have all the support you need. I’m committed to empowering you to be the best possible support for your child.