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    Is thinking about what might happen in the future and thoughts about the past keeping you from sleeping at night or distracting you from your school or work during the day? Maybe you have headaches or stomach problems, but doctors have said you’re fine. Or are your friends or family telling you not to worry as much, but you can’t stop? You’re feeling down a lot and don’t know why or you know exactly why and feel hopeless about making something better happen.

    You’ve probably been struggling for a while and finally gotten up the courage to let someone know you need help. But now you’re worried that you’ll have to leave where you are to get counseling. I can’t promise you that won’t happen, but the best thing you can do to feel better where you are is start talking about it now. My clients often are able to work through the challenge that brings them to counseling without having to go anywhere. Working with me, you will have on your side someone who knows what it’s like to be a teenager in a country your parents aren’t from, who has done the international transition “back” to a passport country that’s not home and knows a lot about how to help you where you are now and in your transitions.


    Maybe you’ve experienced a trauma like an accident, rape, or sexual assault and feel like you’re drowning in all the repeating thoughts, sensations, worries and self doubts. I know how to walk with you through this, out to the other side where you feel like you are well again. It may take some time, and it will take talking about it. I will help you know why you’re feeling the way you do, why your responses are normal, what to expect, what to do first, and next. You’ll make sense to yourself again and come back to being able to do what you love. You are strong, beautiful and precious and we’ll find together a path back to feeling like that you.


    Parents, do you miss your relaxed, energetic, creative child and wonder where they went? You’ve tried everything you can think of, but it’s not getting better and you hate to see them hurting. You’re wondering if you’ll have to travel to get the right kind of help and wishing you didn’t have to be weighing that kind of decision. You know uprooting your child (and the rest of the family) won’t make things easier and you’re right that it should be a last resort. I can begin working with your family right where you are to help your child get back to feeling like themselves. You’ll know when you see your child thriving again. And if you do have to make a difficult decision about if and when to leave to get to a different specialist, I will walk alongside you in that process.


    Staff care and clinical colleagues, are you thinking about a child or family that needs help, but don’t know what kind of support would be best for them. Would it ease your mind and clarify your recommendations if you could talk to a child mental health specialist about the situation? I offer free confidential consultation to other mental health clinicians, medical and member care/ staff care colleagues? With my input and access to my robust referral network of mk/tck care specialists you’ll feel confident about the recommendations and referral options you can offer the family you’re caring for.

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    Third Culture Kids (TCK) Quick Facts

    90% feel “out of sync” with their peers.

    90% report feeling like they understand other cultures.

    80% believe they can get along with anybody.

    40% earn an advanced degree.

    50% have described having a hard time making close friends.

    57% have described feeling depression in their lifetime.

    70% have admitted to loneliness during their upbringing.

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