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  • TCK Podcast Review: Diary of a Third Culture Kid - a TCK Podcast

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    Have you ever wondered if something exists and then Googled it just out of curiosity? That’s how I discovered that there is a podcast by a TCK for TCKs! It is called “Diary of a Third Culture Kid – a TCK Podcast.” Samuel has created a beautiful collection of podcast episodes about his TCK experience. It’s one thing when an adult tells you your experience is normal, but when you hear it from someone your age who has gone through the same thing, it is different. You can just believe your ears and what is true can sink in deeper to where you can feel it. Samuel speaks from his experience and he is honest and encouraging. And I learned a batch of fun facts about Luxembourg! It’s been several months since Samuel created a new episode, so I very much hope Samual continues his podcast so we can hear more.

    Check out this TCK podcast here:

    Photo by C D-X on Unsplash