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  • Michelle Coker, LPC-MHSP

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    I’m a therapist who specializes in trauma, anxiety, identity, and life transitions. Many of my clients came to therapy because they didn’t feel confident, safe, or at peace in themselves, how they connect with others, or how they were living their life. I work with people who have spent time moving and living in new places with new cultures and people. I’ve lived most of my life this way. I grew up in Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa, studied in the United States for a few years, and spent years living and working in Europe. I’m intimately familiar with the struggles that often accompany geographic transitions. One of the largest challenges being access to mental health care. One of the primary goals of my practice is to help bridge this gap and help people navigate the transitions, grief, feelings of not belonging, and questions about identity.

    I work from a trauma-informed, person-centered perspective. I’ve found that the therapeutic relationship is a crucial aspect of the healing process. I foster an atmosphere of trust, safety, and empowerment that I combine with evidence-based interventions to address your specific needs. I frequently use EMDR, CBT, and narrative therapy. I also incorporate techniques from DBT, attachment theory, somatic modalities, and family systems.

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    When treating trauma, I use an approach utilizing cognitive and talk therapy alongside interventions that address the body and nervous system. I incorporate attachment theory, internal family systems, narrative therapy with EMDR and other somatic modalities

    Identity Issues

    I work from an inclusive, nonjudgmental framework and aid my clients in self exploration. I help them discover who they are and how that is meaningful. Often this work includes identifying and reevaluating who they thought they were or “should” be according to external expectations or precedents. Then we work to make peace with the self and navigate what it means to live in congruence with the core of who you are.

    Life Transitions

    I use a cognitive and somatic approach to life transitions. I ensure my clients are equipped with the skills necessary to manage the stress and other emotions that come with the transition. I incorporate existential therapy to aid clients in exploring their values and worldview, navigating change, grounding, and identifying needs, goals, and desires in the life they are building.

    Anxiety / Depression

    I combine mindfulness, cognitive behavior  therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and somatic techniques to address anxiety and depression. I aim to equip my clients with tools to manage their symptoms while simultaneously addressing any underlying issues contributing to the issue. Anxiety and depression also have a high correlation with trauma. When applicable, I incorporate trauma informed  techniques to address any underlying issues impacting the client.


    Licensed Professional Counselor Mental Health Service Provider License #5613

    Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Louisiana


    I celebrate individuals of all gender identifications and gender expressions, sexual orientations, racial and cultural background, national origins, religions, bodies, abilities, and beliefs.

    You belong, and I am honored to hold space for your healing journey.

    Outside the Office

    How I do self care:

    Pottery, cooking, playing with plants, reading constantly, hitting the gym, concerts, and lots of time with my friends and family

    Favorite recent reads:
    The art of Gathering – Priya Parker
    Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yards (yes, I was influenced by bookstagram)